Bikini Hacks: How To Rock A Swimsuit


Hey ladies! It’s time to break the bikini notions and get you going for the next beach ride. We have curated and collected some of the awesome and some essential tips for a swimsuit friendly beach time. But before that let’s have a look at the 101 of carrying a bikini well.

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Essentials For Getting Swimsuit Ready


Select a swimsuit that suits youSexy swimsuits for women are available in all sizes and patterns. You should select the one that suits your body type and your overall taste. Avoid shiny suits else you can be shark food that day ;-)

Bodily Preparations: Remove unwanted body hair, maintain the tanning, avoid skipping underwear in the suit.

Flaunt It With Confidence: Any bikini suits better when you wear it with your confidence. Stop body shaming yourself, no matter what and you will see your photos as lively as you wanted!


All set with the basics? Now, let’s go pro with bikini styling.


Classic Layers For A Beach Party

Either you are protecting the body from sun-tan or hiding your fats, layers help you out in the coolest way possible. A shrug, a denim jacket or long bikini top looks seemingly classy for any parties or outing you are in. Printed semi-transparent layers are in trend if you are thinking to but one, otherwise you can mix-match whatever you think looks cool. After all bikini styling is nothing being comfortable in your skin.


Who Doesn’t Need A Backpack At The Beach?

Beach is messy! Period.

To cope up with the messy, you need some of your stuff like sunscreens, glasses, water, and other personal stuff. Carrying them all in a backpack is our suggestion. Why not make a backpack an accessory while you can? Thin striped small backs suit awesome with your bikini!

Bikini Shorts With Tee

As mentioned earlier, semi-transparent bikini tees are in trend nowadays. Pair them up with a classic bikini short and you get a less exposed body. This one is for all the shy ladies who like to stay light in their bikini choices. You can also opt for a sports bikini for a playful Sunday!

Go Retro With Some Head Gears

You can easily wear a retro look by wearing a hat and a goggle with your bikini. For more creative souls, you can opt for scarfs or headbands. There is plenty of variety available in those fashion segments.

Liked our suggestions? Do comment on your favorite one in the comment section below!

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